Tragedy in Seward: News links & my commentary

by Peter Fleck

Aggregating some links about the homicides last night in Seward. There are many other stories. Please add them to the comments.

Seward Neighbors Forum has several threads going about the shooting. Check “Latest Topics.”

Star Tribune’s coverage

Notes & Commentary

Police have been saying that the 911 call reported a robbery. I think I was the only 911 call and I didn’t report a robbery. I immediately said there was a shooting and there were bodies. Maybe robbery got reported first by 911 dispatch because she just thought it must be a robbery. 

From MPR link quoted above:

A woman at the scene…  said she was buying some things at the market when she saw three men speaking Somali enter the store. According to local residents who translated, [she] said one of the workers suddenly grew shaky.

He told her he had suspicions about the men and went to talk to them. [She] said she left the store and only later learned about the shooting.

I’ve been wondering about the robbery motive. It just didn’t fit from what I saw when I was at the scene last night. This quote from MPR also makes it sound like something more. Then today, I heard that Minneapolis Police are pretty sure this was not a robbery. (Sorry, not sourcing that one but I trust the source.)

MPR also reported in the story that there had been “signs of trouble at the Seward Market” with “the front door… repeatedly smashed and boarded up over the past few years.” I also noticed recently that they had done some reinforcing of the front windows. 


One thought on “Tragedy in Seward: News links & my commentary

  1. Ken Webb

    I was returning home from work last night shortly after 8pm and exited I94 at 25th ave. As I turned south onto 25th I immediately noticed the Seward Market surrounded by numerous police cars with lights flashing and thought to myself, this can’t be good. I know that this market has been a target for burglaries in the past and just assumed that was what had occurred. I went home and put it in the back of my mind. As I was upstairs getting changed out of my work clothes I could hear a woman wailing and crying in front of the house across the street from me (a house where a Somali family lives). This is a family that I have gotten to know over the recent years as I have helped them with projects such as removing brush, putting in air conditioners, loaning them my slowblower and even playing soccer in their front yard with their young son. As I witnessed this woman wailing and crying my heart was breaking for her but I still hadn’t put two and two together to connect it with the police cars I saw surrounding the market.Then my wife saw the news report at 9pm and it all clicked. About 30 minutes later there was another woman in front of the house across the street wailing and crying and my heart sank even further. Beyond this being a tragic event for any community or neighborhood to have to endure, my heart goes out to the East African community as they deal with this tragedy. I have come to appreciate this community for the diversity and color that they bring to our neighborhood. I can only hope that those responsible will be apprehended and brought to justice and the community can heal and move forward through this difficult time.


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