Help Needed with Pedestrian Count on Franklin

SNG, SCCA, and Redesign are currently working in the Seward neighborhood to advocate for changes that will (hopefully) make it easier for people to cross Franklin Avenue.  As you may know, Franklin is a busy street that can prove difficult to get across during peak traffic times.  This is especially true along the four block stretch between 22nd and 26th Streets where there are no crosswalks or signs indicating that this is an area where people would like to cross as well as the between Triangle Park and Seward Towers West.

As part of our advocacy effort, we will be conducting crossing counts next week at three intersections on Franklin.  I am looking for volunteers to spend 30 minutes between 4pm and 6pm on Thursday, February 11th of next week to help with these counts.  Just 30 minutes of your time will help make a difference in the lives of those who live, work, or pass through the Seward neighborhood.

Please contact Seward Redesign at 612-338-8729 to sign up to help out.

-Noel Nix


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