Restorative Justice Benefit a Great Success

Michelle Braley reports that the Seward Longfellow Restorative Justice Partnership benefit concert was a great success – with over $2700 raised and checks still coming in.  She says about 100 people were in attendance “which was wonderful – especially given that the US and Canada hockey game started at the same time!” and “Many people commented that we need to do more of this – gathering for music is a great way to build community!” Check out the photos!


Ray Makeever



Rebecca Miller and Michele Braley 


Pastor Joetta Schlabach, Faith Mennonite


String Harmony-Caroline, Joanna, Kirk, Jericho



Chris Jones, Bluegrass musician and member of Whistle Pigs




Linda Breitag and Bret Hesla




Bret Hesla


Michele Braley and Teri Schweizer – door prizes!


Donna, Rebecca , Teri and Joey, founding volunteers, with Michele

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