Public Hearing on Xcel Transmission line and Substation

Sheldon Mains sent this to the Seward Forum.

The Public hearings for the proposed Xcel transmission line and substations in the area of the Greenway between approximately Hiawatha Avenue and the old Sears Building will be next week:

Monday April 5, 2 PM and Monday April 5, 7 PM
Tuesday April 6, 2 PM and Tuesday April 6, 7 PM
Plaza Verde
1516 East Lake Street, Minneapolis MN 55407

The public is invited to testify. You can contact the Public Advisor, Deborah Pile at 651-297-2375 or for more information.

More details are available at the Midtown Greenway Coalition's website at

Carol Greenwood pointed out that Seward Neighborhood Group is an official intervenor, and thus, among other things, can question witnesses at the hearings in this process. Sheldon Mains is the official neighborhood representative in the process. 

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