Transit for Livable Communities Workshop in Seward!

Transit for Livable Communities has generously offered to partner with Seward Redesign to include the Franklin and Riverside Avenues as part of an upcoming series of workshops with international bike/walk planner and advocate David Engwicht.  David is known for a creative, high energy, and engaging approach to tackling bike/walk issues in communities all over the world.  It is very exciting that he will be able to lend some thoughts to the pedestrian and biking safety issues the Redesign, Seward Neighborhood Group, and the Seward Civic and Commerce Association have been working together to address.  Redesign would like to invite interested community members to attend this workshop and lend their thoughts and input.

Please RSVP or direct questions to Noel at Seward Redesign (noelRnix AT via this post.  Space is limited, so don’t delay!

Public Event – The Macro View
“Better Living through Less Traffic: the Art of Place Making”
David Engwicht of Creative Communities International
Thurs, Apr 22
7:00 – 8:30
Location:  The Radisson at the UM Campus, Washington Ave SE. Registration available at BWTC beginning Apr 14
Description: David Engwicht returns to the Twin Cities by popular demand to inspire more livable streets and neighborhoods. His high-energy presentations inspire creative engagement of elected officials, community advocates, transportation professionals. His work is not to problem solve, but to create a future. Everyone in the room will feel they own a part of that future.

Community Workshop #3 – Franklin and Riverside Avenues
Project location:
By: David Engwicht of Creative Communities International
Friday, Apr 23
10:00 – 2:00
Location: Seward Redesign (2619 E. Franklin Avenue)
Description: This workshop, which applies the principles of creativity to a specific location, includes some indoor work and a walking audit. The outcome: next steps designed by the community for the community.

Noel Nix
Whittier (Work in Seward), Minnepolis
Info about Noel:

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