Seward Peace Garden Fundraiser at the Co-op CSA Fair

Redesign and the Birchwood Cafe are teaming up to help with a fundraiser for the Seward Peace Garden this weekend at the Co-op’s CSA Fair from 11-3pm – so come by this weekend and buy a cookie and support this amazing program for local kids – thanks!
The Peace Garden at Seward Montessori School is an outdoor classroom, full of educational experiences for students of all ages. During the school year, children are eager to help create a bountiful garden, while learning about the environment, where their food comes from and how to cultivate a variety of plants. This energy and enthusiasm, not to mention the educational opportunity, should not be put on hold during the summer.

Summer is a prime time to experience the wonders of the garden first hand, through plant propagation and environmental education, as well as experiencing the complete food cycle, from garden to table to compost pile.

A variety of ages in the garden means that there are also mentorship opportunities for older students. As they help younger students understand the world around them, they in turn learn valuable skills such as patience, organization and problem solving. A group of passionate adults is committed to keeping the garden open to students during the summer and providing hands-on educational opportunities through gardening, cooking and food-related walking field trips to businesses and organizations around the Seward neighborhood, but without community support of the summer garden program, this is not possible. The Peace Garden is a community resource – it provides a place where students, educators, residents and local businesses can all come together to provide a much needed educational opportunity that is not always available at home. I hope you will consider supporting the garden by allowing donation jars in your business or by donating yourself. Thank you.

For more information contact Laura Mathews, Seward Redesign intern and Peace Garden Advisory Committee member, at


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