Resolution Honoring Mike Trdan for a Career in Recycling

On Friday, May 7, I had the pleasure of presenting a resolution to Seward’s own Mike Trdan. The City Council passed it unanimously.  It honored Mike for his long and successful career in recycling. I was delighted and proud to follow up on a constituents idea to honor Mike, whom I have known for years as a neighbor, Seward Neighborhood Group Board member and as a knowledgeable and skilled advisor and strategist, especially when in comes to waste management and recycling. Mike is someone who can actually get things done to help improve how we manage waste in Minneapolis. He is currenlty leafing the effort (working with the Seward Neighborhood Group as well as County and City staff) to apply for funds for a pilot project in Seward to test out a new dual-stream recycling program. I’m excited about partnering with him on this and on other environmental initiatives in the future.

Here’s the text of the resolution:

By Gordon, Reich, Hofstede, Johnson, Samuels, Lilligren, Goodman, Glidden, Schiff, Tuthill, Quincy, Colvin Roy, and Hodges

Honoring Mike Trdan for his career-long efforts to establish recycling programs throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Whereas, Mike Trdan spent 10 years working for the City of Minneapolis in the beginning of his career as a recycling expert; and

Whereas, Mike has worked as an Environmental Specialist for Dakota County for over 20 years; and

Whereas, Mike started his career in recycling by supervising the first Minneapolis pilot program for curbside recycling; and

Whereas, through Mikes supervision and management he and his staff implemented the first citywide curbside recycling program; and

Whereas, Mike credited his fledgling staff and volunteers for their accomplishments, consistently downplaying his own achievements; and

Whereas, Mike was responsible for the establishment of the Area Recycling Managers (ARM) group, to share information and data regarding recycling programs; and

Whereas, the Minneapolis recycling program is one of the most successful programs throughout the country in the amount of material recycled and financial return for the material, thanks
in part to Mikes early leadership; and

Whereas, Mike is a lifelong resident of Minneapolis and longtime resident of the Seward neighborhood, and served on the first Seward Ecoteam; and

Whereas, Mike is embarking on a new role as a neighborhood activist by co-chairing the Seward Neighborhood Groups Environment Committee and helping the City complete an application to
Hennepin County for a composting and dual-stream recycling project in Seward;

Whereas, Mike and his wife Diane concern themselves with all things environmental, the Twins, and of course all things Irish,

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the City Council of the City of Minneapolis

That the City of Minneapolis recognizes Mike Trdan for his tireless contributions to the environment through recycling, marketing recyclable materials, and most important education of the people of Minneapolis.

Be it Further Resolved that the City of Minneapolis wishes Mike well in retirement and thanks him for the years of service he has given, and will give, the City of Minneapolis.

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