Nice Ride bikes in Seward: A photo gallery


Photo 1

 I test ride one of the bikes. It’s very comfortable and solid. Mary said it made her think of a motorcycle or scooter. Wide and comfortable seat. Smooth action on the 3-speed shift. Stops when you brake it.

Photo 2

Mitch Vars (left) is IT Director for Nice Ride.

Photo 3

Empty bike stations waiting for assembly. This photo (and the last two) were taken near the east side of Sabo Bridge over Hiawatha and near the Greenway.

Photo 4

Kiosk at Birchwood Cafe. These are solar-powered and use T-Mobile for communicating with the network and validating your credit card. Mitch said they considered US Internet Wireless but coverage was too spotty and there were security issues. 

Photo 5

Close-up of the kiosk.

Photo 6

Bikes lined up at Birchwood Cafe.

Photo 7

Another view of the bikes.

Bikes should be available for riding on Wednesday and the official launch will be Thursday on the Nicollet Mall. Rates are very reasonable: $5/24 hours or $60/year or $30/month. You can also go for a 30 minute joy ride for free!

For more information, check the beautiful new Nice Ride site (designed by Clockwork).

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