The Oldest Tree – Community Gathering

From Councilmember Cam Gordon.

The Park Board has constructed a very nice web site with historical information about the tree and includes a map of the location.

I’ve included the Park Board slide show below but drop by the site to read the history.

All are invited to a community gathering Honoring the Ancient Oak on Franklin Terrace in Minneapolis.  This tree, the oldest known in Minneapolis, has died and will soon be taken down.  The gathering will be on Sunday, July 11th, beginning at 6:30 p.m. with a ceremony at 7 p.m. at the tree.   The ceremony will honor and commemorate the tree through poetry, music and a sharing of stories about the tree.  The tree is just a block or so north of the Franklin Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi River on Franklin Terrace.

Please come and join us as we celebrate this tree.  Bring your personal stories, photos or other artwork about the tree.  Also, feel free to bring a light refreshment to share.   Parking is limited, so walk, bike or carpool if possible.  The event will proceed rain or shine, but if it’s raining and you have a rain tarp, please come early to help us make it happen. This event is being co-sponsored by the Minneapolis Park Board and a number of local community members.  For questions, please call or email Cam at 612 296-0579, or

Thank you,

Cam Gordon
(on behalf of the planning group)

6 thoughts on “The Oldest Tree – Community Gathering

  1. Madeline Douglass

    I don’t believe that there isn’t any part of this tree that could notbe saved by Dan "the oak" man….look to the roots people….there’ssomething there that still has life and could live again just as theMendota Dakota sacred oaks live….The storms we’ve just had toppled many a tree…but NOT this one.Its a sign…life is still there…somewhereWhen the tree comes down, save the part of it that can live again.

  2. David Buth

    I first discovered this tree back in 1979 when I worked across the street. I’ve been inside thee hollow and meditated in his branches many times. I’ll miss old Grandfather Oak if he has truly passed.

  3. Elizabeth McCambridge

    I’m so sorry we will miss the ceremony. The tree is one of the coolest things about our neighborhood.

  4. Elizabeth McCambridge

    Can’t some scientist save living cells/DNA and create some smaller oak seedlings that can replace Grandfather?


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