Bedlam Theatre temporarily moving to Seward!

Sheldon posted this to the Seward Neighbors Forum where the discussion continues.

To SNG Neighborhood:

The Bedlam Theatre has just decided to temporarily re-locate into the Bystrom site (now called “Seward Commons” by Redesign).  It will be for the winter and it will include office space, rehearsal space and set construction space. No special permits are required.

As part of that move, Bedlam is planning a fall art festival–live outside events in the parking lot north of 24th Street between the LRT bike trail and Snelling and events in the warehouse space.  It would be 12 days over five weeks (Starting September 24). The events will mainly be on the weekends with a few during the weeks.  Events will include puppet workshops, music, spoken word, and other activities. 

This festival will need a number of special permits from the city (Temporary Assembly permits, Temporary Liquor Service Permits,  temporary noise permits).  They would like SNG support for these permits.  To make the process easier, they would like to be designated a Community Festival.  According to Cam Gordon, the easiest way to do this is to have SNG designate the fall event a Community Festival.  This doesn’t cause any liability issues or result in any other responsibilities for SNG. 

Bedlam needs official action  as soon as possible.  Since the SNG board meeting happens after the festival starts, this action will be taken up by the Executive Committee via email and/or phone this Thursday.

So, what does the community think?


Sheldon Mains
President, Seward Neighborhood Group

Bedlam’s permit proposal follows.

Begin forwarded message:

BEDLAM THEATRE                                                                                        31 August, 2010 

Fall Event Dates for Temporary Permits Proposal

Temporary Assembly for the period spanning September 24th – October 31st.

The collected activities comprise a Bedlam Fall Theater & Community Art Festival. Hosted by Redesign Inc. in the Seward neighborhood, on the alternate transit cooridor. The programming is a scaled version of the fall programming at Bedlam’s Cedar Riverside venue, with a “Community Design Center” adding perspective and seeking public input on Bedlam’s success of the past few years, plans for a permanent home, and more broadly the role of the Arts in Community Development.

Much of the activity would hopefully be sufficiently covered under the Temporary Assembly for those 5 weeks, with additional special permits required for activity as listed below (and, of course, if reading the full list of activities, another permit or application seems necessary).

The Outdoor Stage would be used on the following days, so we assume we need an Outdoor Permit to cover these days (let us know if this can be one permit or should be several. I don’t know that any of the outdoor events would rise to the sound level of needing a noise permit, but better safe than sorry on 6 of the days.

  • Friday Sept 24 – Full Moon Puppet Cabaret ending 10p
  • Saturday Sept 25 – eclectic music, puppets, spoken word ending 10p
  • Tuesday Sept 29 – Spark Festival electronic music ending 8p
  • Wednesday Sept 30 – Spark Festival electronic music ending 8p
  • Thursday Oct 1 – Spark Festival electronic music ending 8p
  • Friday Oct 2 – Spark Festival electronic music ending 8p
  • Thursday Oct 14 – Medicine Show Cabaret ending 10p
  • Friday Oct 15  – Medicine Show Cabaret ending 10p
  • Saturday Oct 16 – Medicine Show Cabaret ending 
  • Friday Oct 22 – Full Moon Puppet Cabaret ending 10p
  • Saturday Oct 23 – eclectic music, puppets, spoken word ending 10p (Noise)
  • Friday, Oct 29 Band Night
  • Saturday, Oct 30 Band Night
  • Sunday, Oct 31 Halloween Party

Bedlam currently holds a year-round Outdoor Food Vending License for use with events, with food prepared at a licensed kitchen offsite. Food connected to events would be either through the Bedlam Food Booth or in partnership with Sister’s Camelot through one of their mobile kitchens. We will include the food tent in site plan and description of Temporary Assembly and Outdoor Permits. Let us know if further action is required.

Temporary Liquor Service Permits will serve 12 days of the events, with the BryantLake/Barbette as the Licensee and Bedlam as the nonprofit for permits one & two plus a second nonprofit partner on permits three-five, in the following groupings:

  • permit one – Fri/Sat Sept 24 & 25 (2 days)
  • permit two – Wed-Sat Sept 28-Oct 2 (4 days)
  • permit three – Saturday Oct 9th (1 day)
  • permit four – Fri/Sat Oct 22 & 23rd (2 days)
  • permit five – Fri-Sun Oct 29-31st (3 days) 

Thanks – John


2 thoughts on “Bedlam Theatre temporarily moving to Seward!

  1. Pam Colby

    I live in Central, but Seward is lucky to have Bedlam and I hope they can continue operating because I think they do a fantastic job of bringing community and art together!

  2. Stephanie James

    Yes, I’d like the community to support Bedlam and its Fall Festival. I’d love to see Bedlam find a permanent home in Seward, too!


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