SNG Development Committee meeting

Community Development Committee meeting,
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Draft minutes from the July 13 meeting. (There was no August meeting.)


7:00 p.m. start time; all other times are estimated

7:00   Introductions and approval of minutes.

7:10    Noise and behavior problems outside of the Blue Nile have been reported by neighbors, particularly the residents of the condominiums south of the business on 21st Avenue.  Tal Anderson will bring the Committee up to date.

7:25    A craftsman-style house of 2,024 s.f. will be built on the north half of 2535 38th Ave So.  That site measures 6,600 s.f. in size, well above the City-required 5K minimum.  The City requires a setback of 25? from the sidewalk on 38th Avenue but the other houses on the block are set back 23?.  The builders request support for a setback of 23.5? so that the new house can be in line with the others on the block and to allow a properly sized building to be constructed.

8:55    Seward Redesign will address:

  • Bus stop location 27th and Franklin
  • Riverside reconstruction update – report and recommendations from the Franklin Avenue — Implementation Pedestrian and Bike Safety Task Force
  • City of Minneapolis Bike Master Plan – report and recommendations, same as above
  • 26th Street – bike lanes

8:25    Bethany Lutheran requests that the current one-hour parking restriction on the south side of Franklin Ave between 25th and 26th be lifted.  Public Works staffers are open to making that change.

8:30    Adjourn.


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