Donate your old bike to Sibley Bike Depot!

 Do you have an extra bike?

Donate it to Sibley Bike Depot! 

The Sibley Bike Depot’s mission is to be an open, accessible space to educate and empower people to use bicycles as transportation. The Depot also helps to build a sustainable environment for the Minneapolitan community. Check out their website at

There are 3 days and drop locations:
  • Saturday September 25th  at Matthews Park, 2318 29th Ave S. Join neighborhood residents for live music in the park, hosted by Seward Neighborhood Group. 1 – 3 pm
  • Friday October 1st  at Welna II Hardware, 2201 E. Franklin Ave. Door prizes for every bike donated! 11am 1pm
  • Saturday October 2nd at Seward Co-op, 2823 E. Franklin Ave. The 11th Annual Seward Arts Festival is also this weekend. 10am – 12pm
 Supported by: Seward Co-op, Seward Neighborhood Group, Welna II Hardware and Redesign.

Check out the video!




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