2011 I-94 Repaving Project: meeting to discuss impact to Seward

There will be a meeting next Tuesday evening concerning the 2011 continuation of the I94 Repaving Project as it extends from Nicollet to Cretin, through Seward.  Seward entrances/exits to I94 will be closed at some point, and some sound barriers may be constructed along the route. To find out more about this project and how it will impact Seward, the meeting information is provided below.  (The City will hold an informational meeting on this in late November, on a weekday morning, but Cam Gordon’s office has arranged for a special meeting in Seward for those interested — especially those who live along I94 or who use the Seward entrances/exits.)  Hope to see all interested parties at the meeting.

The “Seward Part” of the I-94 Repaving Project
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Seward Towers West Community Room
2515 South 9th Street
(The community room is just off the 9th Street entrance.)

More info from Cam Gordon’s Office…

There will also be a meeting downtown at city hall to be held Monday November 29 from 10 – 11 am in room 317 in City Hall to discuss the entire project.

There have already been a number of meetings about this mostly on the Westbank and Prospect Park. Robin, from my office, has been in attendance at several of these and we did help convene one in Prospect Park.

The basic plan is to make permanent the additional lanes that were added after the 35W bridge collapse and to resurface the roadway. As part of this, there will also be some sound wall additions. There will be no additional sound walls east of Riverside but there are proposals to add one between 25th and the ped bridge and one from 20th to Cedar. There will be some additional sound walls put in west of Riverside Ave in Seward and we have map showing these. They did sound testing along the corridor and these are the only areas that qulaified for additional sounds walls based on the results and the formula set by the state. For more information you can contact Scott Pederson (651) 234-7726, scott.pederson@state.mn.us, who will be at the meeting on Tueaday as well. Cam Gordon


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