Council Decides THIS Monday Whether to Freeze NRP Funding. Please contact Mayor & CMs

City Council Votes Monday Whether to De-Fund NRP & Reallocate Neighborhood’s 2011 Community Engagement Allocation

On Wednesday the City Council Ways and Means committee approved trimming $6.1 million from the proposed 2011 city budget. This recommendation includes freezing and taking back all NRP money that is not under contract.  The Seward neighborhood was allocated a total of $457,939 and has $359,600 under contract.  The Seward neighborhood will lose $98,339.  This includes $53,700 for Home Improvement Programs and $44,639 for Commercial Development.  The full City Council will vote on this next Monday, December 13 at 6:05pm in Rm 317 of City Hall.

Two important things to note about this proposal:
1. This proposal to address the city’s budget problems was made public just this past week and without input from neighborhood groups.

2. The cuts proposed to neighborhoods will have zero impact on people’s 2011 property taxes.

A decision that impacts so many citizens that have worked to improve our City should not be made so quickly, and definitely should not be made without talking to the public.

We encourage you to contact the Mayor and City Council immediately to let them know how important neighborhoods are to Minneapolis and how important SNG’s work is to you (contact information below).

I will also forward in another message a letter from city staff with more details about the proposal.

via Mike Rollin, Community Coordinator, Seward Neighborhood Group

R.T. Rybak      (612) 673-2100
Ward 1  Kevin Reich     (612) 673-2201
Ward 2  Cam Gordon      (612) 673-2202
Ward 3  Diane Hofstede  (612) 673-2203
Ward 4  Barbara Johnson         (612) 673-2204
Ward 5  Don Samuels     (612) 673-2205
Ward 6  Robert Lilligren        (612) 673-2206
Ward 7  Lisa Goodman    (612) 673-2207
Ward 8  Elizabeth Glidden       (612) 673-2208
Ward 9  Gary Schiff     (612) 673-2209
Ward 10         Meg Tuthill     (612) 673-2210
Ward 11         John Quincy     (612) 673-2211
Ward 12         Sandra Colvin Roy       (612) 673-2212
Ward 13         Betsy Hodges    (612) 673-2213

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