Community Energy Services – Get a sign if you have had a visit

From: Carol Greenwood <>

I’m getting one of these cool signs for my yard (we had a Community Energy Services Visit) and will get a couple more for people I know who’ve had a Home Energy Services visit.  Or, you can contact Kyle Boehm at MNCEE/CES (see attached).  The count so far is 34 Seward residents who got a home energy service visit after Seward signed up for the program.  If you attended a workshop and got a Home Energy Services visit before Seward signed up for the program, check with Kyle also.  Their funding may restrict who gets a sign, but it never hurts to ask.

I think we should let people know what a great service this is–$30.00 for $400 worth of products and services. If you’ve attended a workshop, get your Home Visit to find out about the additional opportunities available to save money in your home by conserving energy.




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