Wood from the Hood Lives Green in May – SCCA Article on Wood from the Hood

Wood from the Hood Lives Green in May
by Dave Madsen

An innovative and creative eye combined with a deep concern for the environment has made the Seward-based company, Wood from the Hood, a respected service in the neighborhood. The company’s high-quality products range from cutting boards to picture frames, but what makes their operation so well regarded is their dedication to use only quality lumber from reclaimed trees in the Minneapolis area. This sustainable approach to business, particularly their attention to supporting a local economy has reserved their space at this year’s Living Green Expo on May 7 and 8.

The Living Green Expo is organized each year by the Minnesota Environmental Partnership and, according to their mission statement, “seeks to turn values into actions to achieve the highest quality natural environment for Minnesotans.” Part of this commitment to sustainable living in Minnesota includes an annual showcase with more than 300 exhibitors, workshops, and activities for environmentally conscious residents and business owners.

Cindy Siewert, co-founder and operator of Wood from the Hood, said that the company’s participation in the Living Green Expo will provide them with an opportunity to communicate directly with potential customers and fellow “green” business owners. But the decision to participate in the Expo was motivated by more than expanding their customer base; according to Siewert, “The Living Green Expo is a chance for people to learn and find ways their decision can make a difference. It is great how so many ‘green’ companies come together for one great show to help educate the public on those choices.”

During the Expo, those who stop by Wood from the Hood’s booth will learn about how reclaimed trees are converted into useable, high-quality products. In addition to learning about the process, people who visit Siewert at the booth “will see what the wood actually looks like from the many local trees species,” she said. Products from the company will also be available for people to purchase for their homes or for a gift.

Siewert reported that the principles that guide the Living Green Expo not only fall in line with the vision of Wood from the Hood, but the emphasis on a local economy that has a commitment to recycling, reclaiming, and reusing resources directly reflects the Seward neighborhood. To celebrate their participation in the Expo, Wood from the Hood plans to sell “some ornaments available from the ancient burr oak that once overlooked the Mississippi River for 700 years right here in the Seward neighborhood.” Other noteworthy items that Siewert plans to showcase are a new raised garden bed and some limited editions of black walnut cutting boards.

Dave Madsen

Redesign, Inc.
2619 E Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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