Bedlam Theatre’s 10×10 Fest at Capri this weekend!

Bedlam Theatre's 10×10 Fest is happening all this weekend up in the North Minneapolis at the Capri Theater (2027 W. Broadway). We're very excited to have three sets of ten minute plays (25 plays in all) happening multiple times over the next four days. There are over 125 participants including representation from the Seward Neighborhood. We hope you will come out to see the show.

There a couple of interesting community building events you can also be a part of.

West Broadway Walking Tour (Saturday May 12th): We’ll begin a walking tour tour at the Capri Theatre (2027 W. Broadway) starting at 5:30pm and walk East on Broadway to Juxtaposition Arts (2007 N. Emerson Ave). We will then walk back to The Capri in order to make the 7:00PM showing of Set C. Put on your walking shoes and learn bit about this area of North Minneapolis.

Biking to North (Saturday May 14th): Meet at Bedlam’s Community Design Center in the Ivy Arts Building, 2718 27th Street East at 3:00pm  for a fun and scenic BIKE COMMUTE to the Capri Theater in time for Set C at 5:00PM.

More info available at

See a promotional for 10×10:


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