Eating for Education~ a fundraiser for Edible Education

Saturday, August 27 · 8:00am 9:00pm

3311 east 25th street
Minneapolis, MN

This summer Alice Waters will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Chez Panisse, her famous restaurant in Berkley, Ca. A true pioneer, and one of my personal food heroes, Alice Waters forged the culinary philosophy that cooking should be based on the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients that are produced sustainably and locally. Alice Waters loves kids and values education and through her Edible Schoolyard Program and School Lunch Initiative she has created a public education model and school curriculum that uses food traditions, cooking and gardening to teach, nurture, and empower young people and instill the knowledge and values we need to build a humane, healthy and sustainable future.* As part of the 40th Anniversary Celebration, the Chez Panisse Foundation has started a nation wide fundraising campaign, Eat for Education, to shine the light on the building power of Edible Education. At Birchwood we will be donating 25% of sales on Sat. Aug. 27th to our local school garden at Seward Montessori School to help them create a program to sustain their organic vegetable garden and integrate it into curriculum to teach kids where real food comes from. If we can heal this broken connection for our children, we’ll help shape how they view the world and we can sow the seeds of not only carrots, kale and squash, but of kindness, connection and compassion.

We (Birchwood Cafe) will be donating to the Seward Montessori School. The school will use the funds for the ongoing support & maintenance of their organic vegetable garden (formerly known as the Seward Youth Peace Garden). Seward Montessori is committed to integrating the garden into year round school curriculum. Kids need to know where their food comes from!

Edible Education is:

  • a right, not a privilege
  • a wholesome, delicious meal every day for every child, from preschool through high school
  • integrating a garden, kitchen, and lunchroom into the core academic mission of every school so that growing food and preparing it brings academic subject to life, from biology and ecology to history and geography
  • a way to help kids create good relationships with their communities and the environment
  • school lunchrooms buying fresh food from local farms and ranches, not only for reasons of health and education, but as a way of strengthening local food economies
  • a hands-on education, in which the kids themselves do the work in the vegetable beds and on the cutting boards, awakening their senses and opening their minds, both to their core academic subjects and to the world around them

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