In Response to the Death Near the River in Seward Neighborhood – St. Stephen’s Street Outreach team is on call to address public concerns around homelessness

One of our Seward Community Forum members recently found the body of a shirtless/hatless/gloveless frozen native man near the Franklin Terrace dog park. She posted about it to the Forum and started a great discussion. Part of the discussion centered on who to call if you see at-risk individuals out in the cold. Robin Garwood, policy aide for Councilmember Cam Gordon, posted about the St. Stephen's Street Outreach team and today Monica Nilsson, director of Street Outreach and Community Engagement at St. Stephen's Human Services, chimed in. I wanted to get this on the Profile for wider distribution especially since Monica and the team are available for presentations. (Sounds like a good topic for either the Seward Neighborhood Group or the Seward Civic & Commerce Association.) Her post is below. You can donate to St. Stephen's via

St Stephens Human Services available to address public concerns around homelessness
posted by Monica Nilsson to the Seward Community Forum

St Stephens Human Services operates a Street Outreach team available to address public concerns around homelessness.  This team of 6 staff and 4 volunteers operates from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday with support from the City of Minneapolis, the Downtown Improvement District, State Dept of Public Safety and community support.  The team works in cooperation with the Mpls Police Dept and is part of the downtown Radiolink system of communication with businesses and residents.

The team was created 4 years ago as part of Heading Home Hennepin, our community's plan to end people's homelessness.  The team has two charges: to work with those who are causing concern in public while homeless and to work with those who are unsheltered, spending time outside or in public settings without access to advocacy.  The team is able to respond to citizen calls or messages left at 612.879.7624.  Should someone encounter an individual in a non-emergency situation, citizens may call the team and the team will respond based on availability.  It is important for messages to be left, though, even in off-hours.  The homeless individual may frequent a spot and the team very often can find the individual at the next opportunity.

The goal of the Street Outreach team is to improve the homeless individual's life situation, most likely with housing, sometimes assisting the person to a treatment setting for chemical or mental health care.  Individuals interested in learning more about the team or having a presentation on its work are invited to call Monica Nilsson, Director of Street Outreach and Community Engagement at 612.481.9501.


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