Seward Lovers of May Day! May Day 2012 Food Justice and Compost Working Group Brainstorm, Friday, March 2 March 2nd, 10-12

Hello Seward Neighbors and lovers of May Day!

I know many of you have been very active in May Day, including all of your artists, and those that have been real Food Justice and Compost Advocates, so I wanted to share this with you too!

I wanted to let you know that I rescheduled the May Day 2012 Food Justice and Compost Brainstorm for Friday, March 2nd from 12-12. At this brainstorm, we will be coming up with ideas together on how to make ideas around food justice and compost interactive, and how to capture the energy of the day into something that encourages attendees to get more involved.

At May Day this year, there will be an Off the Grid section (where the soccer/baseball fields are). In this section, we hope to create a mini “Transition Town” with a town square and all. We will be hopefully offering skill sharing opportunities, riding weird bikes, and doing other fun things. We could build mosaics and other types of things that we could keep in our neighborhoods. There are lots of ideas that each of you hold in your heads that just explode when you get other folks in the room jabbering about how awesome this/ that might be. We hope to sit in a room with you, and let these happen, and then try to see whats feasible. This year these are happening around three main focus areas: Transportation, Energy, and Food.

Folks are brainstorming about each of these topics separately, and at some point soon (mid March) we will bring all of these ideas together to see what’s feasible). In April we will have some build dates, to build puppets and other things that we can use to make our “Transition Town”. These dates will be set shortly, and I will let you know all about them.

What to keep in mind:
*The Living Green Expo happens this same weekend. They’ve got their style down pat, and there’s no need to mimic that! We want these ideas to be birthed out of the creativity, traditions, and style of what May Day is to each of us. That means lets leave the info tables in info alley, and find creative ways to share info with folks. Let’s think outside of the box on how to engage our neighbors and neighborhoods. What can we really do to inspire ourselves and others to live in harmony with the world.
*How can we honor everyone who is doing this already! Many cultures, including those that live right here in community, do many activities that are already more sustainable than the American way of life. How can we honor those?
*Commons. Please feel free to share this email with friends, we want to be able to share ideas and thoughts widely.
*In the Heart of the Beast, has a GREEN TEAM, working on energy, food, and waste for the festival itself. We need many volunteers for each of these ventures. Spread this widely.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am, and I hope you are able to come. Please email me back with an RSVP (corrine.bruning at, or let me know if you are unable to meet during the day time. Also, please feel free to email/ call with questions (612) 229-4471.

The location more than likely will be In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater, I will update this post when it has been confirmed!

In loving kindness,
Corrine Bruning
Wearer of Many Hats
Community Organizer
Contact for Off the Grid Section Outreach Coordinator
corrine.bruning at

1 thought on “Seward Lovers of May Day! May Day 2012 Food Justice and Compost Working Group Brainstorm, Friday, March 2 March 2nd, 10-12

  1. Carrie Anne Johnson

    Just to confirm for folks – I’ve checked and this IS happening at the Heart of the Beast from 10 am- noon. See you there!


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