Zipps is having a garage sale!

May 19th  Seward Garage Sale – 10am-2pm

Saturday is just around the corner. It will be a busy neighborhood garage sale day for sure, and the best one will be at Zipp’s from 10-2! We had a bunch of hard working young men clean out our basement today to clear out all of the promotional crap we have collected over the years and we are going to sell it to you! 
Every price will be negotiable and all of the money goes to the Susan G Komen 3-Day! 

May 31st Rose Tasting – 6-7:30pm – $10 at True Thai

Let’s drink a bunch of rosé and eat tasty appetizers at True Thai. Tom from The Wine Company and myself are planning on doing just that and we would be honored if you joined us. Let’s learn a little more about our favorite summer wines and rediscover just how freaking food friendly they really are.
$10/person. Please call 612 333 8686 to reserve your spots. Space is limited!

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