Seward Neighborhood Group Board Meeting July 25th 6:30PM at Matthews Park-Agenda

Draft Agenda    

SNG Board meeting

Wednesday, July 25, 2012   6:30 to 8:00 PM

Matthews Park

2318 29th Ave.

6:30 – 6:45 pm

Introductions of board members and visitors

Approve Agenda

Aprove Consent Agenda

·        June 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes

·        Motion: Moved that SNG recommend approval of the amendment to the existing Conditional Use Permit for Jefferson Lines located at 2100 East 26th Street.

·        Motion: Moved that SNG recommend approval of the expansion of the Non-Conforming Use and Setback Variance to allow for a dormer addition to the duplex at 3128 East 25th Street.

·        The Environment Committee recommends the SNG Board authorize Doug Wise to submit a grant proposal to the Watershed Management Organization for funding and authorize payment (up to $2000 from the Environment Stewardship budget) to Doug Wise for the time required to prepare the proposal.

6:45 – 7:10PM 

Public Discussion Issues

a.Cam Gordon’s 2nd Ward Report

b. Robert Lilligren 6th Ward Report

Financial Committee – Diann

Financial report 6/30/2012

Approval of revised 2011 IRS 990 and Minnesota Charitable Review filings


7:10- 7:20 PM

               Executive Committee Report (see report)

·        Approved the lease for 1915 East 22nd Street (Spokes)

·        Loan update

7:20 – 7:55 pm

1.      Community Coordinator report

2.      Spokes Bike Walk Connect report-Discussion needed

·        Approve Bylaws for Spokes Committee

3.      Community Development Committee  –Discussion needed

·           Approve NRP Plan Modification

·        KAAH Coffee Shop Addition Variances – 2429 East Franklin Avenue


At the CDC meeting the following motion was offered:

Motion: Moved that the SNG oppose the variances to reduce the side yard setback and the required off-street parking for the KAAH Coffee Shop addition at 2429 East Franklin Avenue.  Lee Colby moved and Jonna Kosalko seconded.  The vote taken by a show of hands resulted in 6 votes in favor of the motion and 6 votes against the motion.  Robin Garwood, Ken Webb, Renee Spillum and Matt Buzzard abstained.  Motion failed for lack of a majority.

4.       Robin Garwood Presenting Minneapolis Energy Options Campaign 

·        The Environment Committee recommends the SNG Board support the proposals presented by the “Minneapolis Energy Options” campaign.  The “Minneapolis Energy Options” campaign to authorize the City of Minneapolis to explore becoming a municipal gas and/or electric utility 



7:55 pm

Board meeting evaluation

Adjourn (8:00 PM) 




Kerry Cashman, Community Coordinator

Seward Neighborhood Group

2323 E. Franklin Ave.

Minneapolis, MN 55406

612-338-6205, x119




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