August SNG Community Development Committee Meeting Agenda & Draft Minutes from July

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Seward Neighborhood Group

SNG Community Development Committee

SNG Community Development Committee
SPOKES Bike-Walk Connect

1915 East 22nd Street

August 21, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
Please note change in location

6:30      Introductions and approval of July minutes

6:40     Seward Commons Project

Seward Commons Project is a major transit-oriented redevelopment project located between Minnehaha Avenue, 24th Street, Hiawatha Avenue and Franklin Avenue.  The purpose of the meeting is to provide an update on the project and receive community input.  The presentation will include a review of the previously adopted Franklin Station Area Plan and Seward Commons Master Plan.  Information will be provided on recently completed projects, projects currently under way and future projects, including:

  • Touchstone Housing, Health and Wellness Center
  • Common Bond Senior Housing
  • Extension of 22nd Street
  • Reconstruction of 24th Street
  • Franklin Avenue Streetscaping and Restriping
    8:30     Seward Childcare Center Amendment to the Existing Conditional Use Permit
    Seward Childcare Center has applied for changes to its Conditional Use Permit, originally approved in 1974.  They are making the changes to align with the City Comprehensive Plan and changing times.  The proposed changes are as follows:
    • Condition 1 states that there be no more than 10 children outdoors at play at any one time and that such play does not commence until 9:00 a.m. They are proposing to drop this to allow children to play outside   as    needed for their health and development.
    • Condition 6 states that a privacy fence satisfactory to the immediate neighbors be erected on the premises. They are asking to delete the phrase “satisfactory to the immediate neighbors.”
    • Condition 9 states that the residents within one block of the premises be allowed 3 seats on the Board of Directors for the center.  They are proposing to drop this condition because it is burdensome and impractical. 
      8:40     Light House Academy of Nations Expansion of a Non-Conforming Use

      The Light House Academy of Nations located at 2600 26th Avenue South is a nonconforming use and needs city approval to expand the grade school.  The proposal is to expand the existing school into 7,000 square feet of adjacent space that is now vacant.  The work would be to build out classrooms, offices and toilet rooms.

        8:50     Updates:

      • Seward Redesign
      • SNG Housing Coordinator
      • City Council Member Gordon
      8:55     Other Business

        9:00     Adjourn. 

      Draft Minutes
      Community Development Committee
      July 10, 2012

      Attending: Ken Webb (committee chair), Ben Walen, George A. Dendias, Charlie Zelle (Jefferson Lines), Steve Woeffel (Jefferson Lines), Brandon Elegert (Kimley-Horn), Trina Greger, Bob Hain, Janet Czaia, Matt Buzzard, Scott Henderson, Peter Fleck, Toby Rapson (Rapson Architects), Jonna Kosalko, Robert Bentlen, Lee Colby, Andrew Dahl, Renee Spillum (Redesign), Doug Wise (SNG Housing Coordinator) and Robin Garwood (Council Member Gordon’s Office).

      Those in attendance introduced themselves. The agenda was approved.  The May 8, 2012 and the June 10, 2012 Community Development Committee minutes were approved.

        KAAH Coffee Shop Addition Variances – 2429 East Franklin Avenue

        The Owner of the Seward Market is proposing to add a one story addition to the west side of the existing two story grocery and commercial building.  A variance is being requested is to reduce the side yard setback from 11 feet to zero feet.  The 11 foot setback is required because the neighboring property is a 4 story mixed use structure with three stories of housing above ground level commercial. A second variance is necessary to reduce the number of off-street parking spaces from four to three.

      At the last meeting, a condominium owner from Metro Place, who was involved in the original development of the condominium, stated that Metro Place had an easement for the sidewalk between the buildings. A motion was passed to research the existence of an easement.

      Doug Wise explained that the Deed conveying the property for the Metro Place Condominium also provided an easement for a sidewalk on the west four feet of the remaining property.  He stated the owner of the coffee shop is not contesting the easement.  New plans were passed out showing the revisions to the addition with a 4 foot setback.

      Ken Webb followed up on several suggestions brought up at previous meetings.  He asked if they had looked into putting windows on the west side of the building.  Toby Rapson said the building code would not permit windows under any circumstance.  Ken asked about limiting the parking on 25th Avenue adjacent to the Seward Market to 90 minutes. There is no parking in front of the store on Franklin due to the bus stop.  A resident of 25th Avenue stated that parking on 25th has become a real problem because of all day students parking.  It was pointed out that this will not solve the problem because the long term parking will just move farther down the street.  Ken also asked if any mechanical equipment would be located on the roof.  Toby said there are no plans to locate any equipment on the roof.

      Ken Webb said an email had been received from a homeowner raising concerns about coffee shop patrons smoking outside and the effect of the smoke on the condominium units facing the building.
      The condominium owners present stated that they are still opposed to the expansion of this commercial use next to their homes.

      Motion: Moved that the SNG oppose the variances to reduce the side yard setback and the required off-street parking for the KAAH Coffee Shop addition at 2429 East Franklin Avenue.  Lee Colby moved and Jonna Kosalko seconded.  The vote taken by a show of hands resulted in 6 votes in favor of the motion and 6 votes against the motion.  Robin Garwood, Ken Webb, Renee Spillum and Matt Buzzard abstained.  Motion failed for lack of a majority.


      Ken Webb stated that this item will now go to the SNG Board of Directors for a decision.  The Board meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on July 25th at Matthews Park Center.

        Jefferson Lines Request for an Amendment to the Existing Conditional Use Permit


      Charlie Zelle said that Jefferson Lines, located at 2100 East 26th Street, is acquiring 0.47 acres of land north of the site from the city of Minneapolis.  He said the additional land will allow them to reconfigure and improve their bus parking and operations area, as well as passenger vehicle parking with the additional property.

        Brandon Elegert showed the committee the proposed site plan.  He said the bus parking lot and automobile parking lot will be completely separate.  They are also proposing to increase onsite stormwater management through bio-filtration basins, re-grading of the existing stormwater management basin, and various pretreatment devices.  The project will increase existing lighting levels onsite and replace existing fences with new decorative fencing and a wood screen fence.  No changes to the existing building are planned at this time.


      Bob Hain raised a question about the proposed landscaping and fencing near the intersection of the Hiawatha Bikeway and 26th Street.  It was pointed out that this is the most dangerous bicycle intersection in the city.  It was suggested that Jefferson Lines use less opaque trees and fencing that would not limit visibility from the bikeway or the street.  Charlie Zelle said they would take this into consideration when preparing the final plans.

        Motion: Moved that SNG recommend approval of the amendment to the existing Conditional Use Permit for Jefferson Lines located at 2100 East 26th Street.  Bob Hain moved and Renee Spillum seconded.  Robin Garwood abstained.  Motion passed.

        Proposed Expansion of a Non-Conforming Use and Variance at 3128 East 25th Street

        Matt Buzzard has submitted an application for an expansion of a non-conforming use to allow for a dormer addition to an existing half story of a non-conforming duplex at 3128 East 25th Street, in the R1A, Single-Family District.  A setback variance from 32nd Avenue is also required because the city considers the yard fronting on both 25th Street and 32nd Avenue as a front yard.

        A drawing showing the proposed dormer was handed out to the committee.   Matt said that the upstairs unit of the duplex has a bedroom and additional living space on the third floor.  The purpose of the dormer is to provide more light and ventilation to this area.


      Motion: Moved that SNG recommend approval of the expansion of the Non-Conforming Use and Setback Variance to allow for a dormer addition to the duplex at 3128 East 25th Street.  Andrew Dahl moved and Peter Fleck seconded.  Robin Garwood abstained.  Motion passed.


      Renee Spillum gave an update on the semi-truck parking issue.  She said that a survey of businesses in the affected area has been completed.  A final recommendation from the subcommittee should be available at the next meeting.

      Doug Wise said the city has informed SNG that they cannot take funding from the revolving loan fund to support the housing coordinator position.  The funding can come from the repayment of the Koyi Sushi Loan Guaranty.  The Board plans to take action on this at their next meeting.

      Doug Wise said the next meeting is scheduled for August 14; it is the State Primary Election day.  The committee decided the meeting should be moved back a week until August 21.

      The meeting adjourned at 7:55.

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