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Bedlam “Madness” production at the Playwrights Center October 25 7PM

Don’t miss this show.  The following board members and Seward Neighbors have been interviewed.   Each set of two people will be one 10 minute play.  See their stories!


Tariku Hassan & Charlie Hoffman

Rochelle from Blue Moon & Abdur Omer

Youth from Matthews & Ken Webb



Kicking off the 2011-2012 Season, The Unit Collective presents:

Madness:  “It’s a _______________ of a day in the Neighborhood.”

For the first time, the Unit Collective is partnering with Bedlam Theatre and the Seward Neighborhood Group to create an evening of short pieces inspired by real people.

Each playwright is assigned 2 members of the Seward Community to hang out with and, based on those two meetings, they will create a short play.

The evening will be preceded by free food prepared by this month’s producer: Anton Jones

The performance will be followed by a lively discussion around the question: 
What is the connection between art and community organizing?

As always, the performance is FREE (though donations are greatly appreciated).


Food at 7:00, performance at 7:30 at the Playwrights Center: 2301 E. Franklin Ave. 




Kerry Cashman, Community Coordinator

Seward Neighborhood Group

2323 E. Franklin Ave. 

Minneapolis, MN 55406 

612-338-6205, x119 


“Welcome to the Neighborhood” a new show by, for, with, about the people of Cedar Riverside

A new original show created by, for, with and about the people of Cedar Riverside, in collaboration with playwright David Grant, together with Bedlam and Mixed Blood Theatres.

Performed by the Voices of Cedar Riverside Ensemble of emerging East African youth & young adult actors.