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SPOKES Spring Kickoff and Grand Opening April 26

SPOKES spring kickoff & the big GRAND OPENING!

SPOKES Bike Walk Connect

Spring Bike Kick-off and Grand Opening at SPOKESIt is SPRING (we think!). Come to our Spring Kick-off and the Grand Opening of the Hub at SPOKES. Friday, April 26, 5 to 8 PM at SPOKES.

  • Live music
  • Pedal powered music
  • Pedal Powered smoothies
  • Food from local restaurants
  • Games

This is a community family event, kids welcomed

1915 East 22nd Street, Minneapolis (1/2 block west of Minneahaha Avenue on East 22nd Street)

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SPOKES Bike Walk Connect Newsletter (Seward’s new bike center!)


SPOKES–Bike Walk Connect 

 (the Seward Neighborhood Group’s Community Bike Walk Center)

News (number 2)

You’re receiving this email because at some point during the last year you expressed interest in getting updates on SPOKES (the Seward Neighborhood Group’s Community Bike Walk Center).  Just email me at smains [@] visi.com if you want to be taken off this list.  This email newsletter comes out randomly when we have something to let you know about.


The final approvals are moving a little slower than we had hoped (see the next short article) but we are still planning to offer a couple classes (including an adult learn-to-ride class) in June.  In July, look for a community building day to help with painting and setting up SPOKES (all levels of skills will be welcomed!).  We’re now aiming at early August for the grand opening of the space.

APPROVALS (part 3–or is it part 4?)
Good news: 
As you may know, the majority of our start-up funding is coming from the Federal Nonmoterized Transit Pilot Program from the Federal Highway Administration.  The funds will come through the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to the City of Minneapolis.  Minneapolis will then reimburse the Seward Neighborhood Group for eligible expenses.  On May 3rd we found out that the Federal Highway Administration has officially approved the project.  On May 7, Minneapolis Department of Community and Economic Development (Mpls CPED) received the contract from MnDOT. On May 15, MnDOT approved the amendments Mpls CPED wanted to the contract.  The MnDOT/CPED contract is now being signed.

Not so good news (but we can work around it):
The last step for approval is the contract between Mpls CPED and Seward Neighborhood Group (SNG) .  We had planned to have that contract for review this week but have not seen it yet.  According to CPED, their goal is to have that contract signed by the end of the week of June 4.   This will delay us at least three weeks–pushing a grand opening into August. 


We have released the requests for proposals (RFPs) for consulting help in starting the center–we’d like to have consulting contracts from a community based nonprofit bike center and from a community based bike shop.  We’re looking for organizations that have experience working with low-income communities.  The deadline for proposals is May 30. You can see the RFPs at http://sewardprofile.posterous.com/rfps-to-help-in-launching-and-operating-the-s.  You can also email Sheldon Mains at smains@visi.com for more information.

The Midtown Greenway Coalition has offered to sell SPOKES 12 almost new Trek bikes.  They are various sizes, all the same model and have low frames.  They will be great for teaching beginners how to ride.  We just need to identify the funding source. THANK YOU Midtown Greenway Coalition! 

The Seward Coop Grocery and Deli has designated SPOKES as the organization to receive funding in July. “The SEED is an opportunity to make charitable donations on an ongoing basis, during your transactions at the register.”  Basically, Coop customers are asked if you want to “round-up” and that money goes to the organization of the month. So, in July, shop often at the Seward Coop and always round-up!

NiceRide will be giving SPOKES 25 memberships for this season to distribute to low-income residents of Seward.  We will probably use them for residents of the Seward Towers.  We do need to develop some more detailed training than NiceRide typically offers but hope to get those memberships into the community in June (We already has a volunteer to help plan and conduct the training!–thank you Nicole!). NiceRide is also providing helmets for the participants! THANK YOU NiceRide!
The Selection Committee is now interviewing candidates for the Program Director position.  A decision should happen next week.

Thanks to the volunteer work of Marne Zafar of the SNG board, we have a logo for SPOKES.  


thanks all

RFPs to help in launching and operating the Seward Neighborhood Bike Center (new name! Spokes–Bike Walk Connect) due May 30

The Seward Neighborhood Group has just released two requests for proposals (RFP) for small consulting services contracts to help in launching and operating the new community bike walk center (Now named Spokes–Bike Walk Connect). SNG is specifically looking for help from a local retail bike store/bike repair shop and a local community bike center.  If interested or to apply email Sheldon Mains at smains@visi.com. The deadline for submitting a proposal is May 30 at 4:00PM (via email).