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Final #Minneapolis Redistricting Maps – Wards 1-6 – The Neighborhoods Lost

Ward 6 (with a chunk of Seward Neighborhood) looks like a gun pointed at St. Paul. Ward 2 holds the rest of Seward. Ward 6 is represented by Robert Lillegren. Ward 2 is represented by Cam Gordon.

Read Robin Garwood’s thoughtful analysis of the final result: “The Neighborhoods Don’t Matter” Map.

Find all the final maps at the City site.


CLIC season is underway

CLIC season is underway.

by Becca Vargo Daggett

What is CLIC? From the Capital Long-range Improvement Committee Bylaws: “It shall be the mission of CLIC to advise the Mayor and City Council on the City’s capital improvement program policy and process, five-year, or multi-year capital improvement programs, and annual capital improvement budgets.” 

In practice, CLIC reviews Capital Budget Requests from City departments (think infrastructure investments – roads, bridges, pipes, buildings), hears presentations from the departments, asks questions of the presenters, and then ranks capital requests using a multi-factor scoring system. Final rankings and comments are submitted in an annual report to the Mayor and City Council members. (A remarkable amount of information about the process is available from the City of Minneapolis Finance Department.)

CLIC had its first full meeting of the year on April 12. After some administrative tasks, we heard presentations from the City’s new Chief Information Officer, Otto Doll, and the Director of Public Works, Steve Kotke. Continue reading