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Let’s brainstorm solutions to the illegal drive-thru issue at Riv & 9th

Picture of where cars drove over a green median at Riverside & 9th

Check the discussion at the Seward Neighbors Forum.

There is a small green space across the street from the Perkins at Riverside & 9th that was created as part of the Riverside reconstruction project, to shorten the pedestrian crossing distance on the east side of the intersection.  This winter, nearby residents have noticed that a small number of drivers are actually driving over this green space.  See the map if you’re not sure where this is and also take a look at the photo which shows the tire tracks across the divide.

There is an orange cone there now to discourage more through traffic. Orange cones are ugly and we (the Seward Community Development Committee) think some kind of public art and trees would look good in place of the cone.

So we are looking for ideas and even proposals with a general budget, plus ideas on where we might get funding for the project.

Please send ideas and proposals to SNG Housing Coordinator Doug Wise, doug@sng.org. We can also use the commenting system here to gather ideas and you can join the discussion at Seward Neighbors’ forum.

Map image of Riverside & 9th area of drive thru