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Birchwood Cafe with Minneapolis’s first on-street bike parking


The Birchwood Café in the Seward Neighborhood has gone bike crazy! With the addition of the first on street bike parking allowed in the city of Minneapolis, Birchwood has added parking for 16 customers on bikes in a space that would normally hold only 2 cars. They have more than doubled their previous bike parking and also added a Nice Ride MN kiosk which holds 15 of the popular bike share bikes.

Thanks to Brian at East-Lake Tumblr for the pointer.

West Bank & Seward Towers Farmers Markets open Tuesday & Fridays

sent along by Brian Noy

Brian Coyle 11-1
Augsburg Foss Center 2-5

Seward Tower East – Tuesdays 2-5
Seward Tower West – Fridays 9-12

Already in this sixth market of the season, there’s hardly a vegetable you won’t find. Tomatoes are a regular sight and there has been sweet corn the last couple of weeks. With cucumbers at their peak (also makes them cheap, watch for tomato prices to fall soon) and plenty of dill, garlic, and onions, it’s a good time to think about those cold months with no market and prepare by making some pickles. Last week’s update included my favorite pickle recipe, and Lisbeth Henslin was kind enough to email her simple refrigerator pickle recipe. Just chop, mix, and cool, and you’ll enjoy them for months without doing the work of canning. You’ll see her recipe below the potato one, our veggie of the week.


Usually this newsletter attempts to introduce you to a new vegetable. This is not one of those times. It’s potato time. And let’s talk about the potatoes at the market. Conventional potatoes are one of the most intensively sprayed vegetables you can find in the grocery store, making it a good idea to peel away the skin, along with half of the nutritional content. The farmers at the market avoid using chemicals and hand harvest them, producing a little nugget that hasn’t been mechanically ripped out of the ground and can be enjoyed and used with a light washing. They’re usually harvested 1-3 days before the market, rather than months ago as with ones at the store (depending on season of course).

For more information on this Peruvian delight, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato



4 Large potatoes or 6-8 medium ones
4 strips of pork or turkey bacon
1 medium onion
1/4 cup of vinegar
1/2 cup sour cream
butter, salt and pepper to taste

Start to boil potatoes. While waiting, dice bacon and onions, fry in the bacon grease or with a little butter. Add garlic if you would like. Once bacon and onions are cooked, add sour cream and vinegar and mix in with potatoes (unpeeled of course). Add salt, pepper, and possibly sour cream and vinegar to taste.

With bacon, butter, and sour cream, typical American dietary belief would vilify this dish. Others might argue that this meal is full of what our bodies need. For a politically incorrect look at our diets, check out Nourishing Traditions or Michael Pollan’s latest book, In Defense of Food.


7 cups Cucumber slices
1 cup green pepper julienned
1 cup thinly sliced onions
1 tablespoon canning (pickling) salt
Mix the above ingredients and let stand while preparing the brine

1 cup vinegar
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon celery seed
1 tablespoon mustard seed
(optional – a few red pepper slices for color)
Bring brine ingredients to a boil and pour over vegetable mixture.
Put pickles in glass jars in refrigerator.  The will last for months.

Cake Eater Bakery opening Saturday

via metromag.com photo by studioTART

Recipe for one delectable bakery:
-2 friendly, sassy friends, preferably in their late-twenties to early-thirties (must have good sense of humor and fresh take on their craft)
-1 vacant shop located in a supportive community
-30 years of combined cooking and baking experience
-Plenty of loving friends and family members
-A splash of color and humor

Read the rest of the story at Metromag. Cake Eater opens Saturday morning at the old Cliquot Club site, 2929 East 25Th Street.

Vegan Chili Cook-Off March 27

Compassionate Action for Animals, Fast and Furless, and Do It Green! Minnesota are hosting a vegan chili cook-off at Fast and Furless on March 27. All the details below.

Vegan Chili Cook-off

Warm up at the 1st Annual Vegan Chili Cook-off!
  • Social Event
When Mar 27, 2010 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM End Time –>
Where Fast and Furless Vegan Emporium 2615 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis
Contact Name Suzy Sorensen
Contact Phone 651-402-5688


Hosted by CAA, Fast and Furless and Do It Green! Minnesota, it’s guaranteed to spice up a chilly Minnesota night. Attendees will sample and judge a delicious variety of vegan chili recipes prepared by twelve local amateur cooks at this FREE event.

First prize is a $100 Fast and Furless Vegan Emporium gift certificate! Prizes will be awarded to the top three chili recipes as determined by popular vote.

Vegan beer, cornbread and non-alcoholic beverages will be available. Do It Green! Minnesota’s Eco Wiggle (a fun new version of Twister) will also be on hand for those who would like to play.

Contestants must bring 10 cups of prepared vegan (no animal products) chili and keep it hot for two hours.

To Compete:  Please note that we can only accept 12 entries. Details will be sent to cooks prior to the event. To enter ($15 for students; $25 for non-students; non-refundable) contact Suzy at 651-402-5688.

Map of Event Location