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Help fund the high-rise story at Spot.Us

Twin Cities Daily Planet (TCDP) has commissioned a group of local journalists to report on the high-rise apartment complexes in Seward and Cedar-Riverside area. TCDP is funding the story via Spot.Us, an open source project supporting “community powered reporting.” Read the TCDP pitch: High-rise ghetto or urban villages?

Spot.Us serves as a conduit for you to fund the story. By simply registering at the site and completing a survey, you can specify a $5 donation to the story. (The survey is very short.) And if you really think this is a good idea (I do), you can consider an out-of-pocket donation. Suggested amount is $22 with $20 going to the project and $2 going to Spot.Us for overhead like credit card fees. 

I know some of the journalists on this project and have not doubt that the resulting stories will be thoughtful and incisive. I look forward to reading them but I need all of your help (at least take the survey!) to bring this to fruition. 

A bit more on Spot.Us…

Spot.Us is an open source project to pioneer “community powered reporting.” Through Spot.Us you (the public) can commission and participate with journalists to do report on important and perhaps overlooked topics. Contributions are tax deductible and they partner with news organizations to distribute content. It is a nonprofit project of the “Center for Media Change” and funded by various groups like the Knight Foundation.

Spot.Us has funded stories like Lindsey Hoshaw’s piece on the Pacific Garbage Patch.