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Festival of Giving at Common Ground Meditation Center

Poster for Common Ground's 3rd Annual Festival of Giving

submitted by Nancy Crotti

Common Ground Meditation Center is holding its third annual Festival of Giving, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, September 7 at the center, 2700 East 26th St. in the Seward neighborhood.

This family-friendly event will include performances by local musicians Larry Long, Fiddlin’ Pete Watercott, Dean McGraw, Marc Anderson and Alex Goldfarb. Ann Carter will lead simple folk dancing with music by Linda Brietag and friends. Spoken-word artists Louis Alemayehu and Kevin Freidberg will also perform, accompanied by Fernando Silva on the flute. Sawatdee, Birchwood Cafe and Peace Coffee and others will provide food and drink for purchase. Admission is free.

Nonprofit organizations that fight hunger and homelessness, assist neighborhood youth and promote public health will have information for visitors and will gratefully accept donations. The festival raised $10,000 for community organizations during each of the past two years’ festivals, according to Mark Nunberg, the center’s guiding teacher.

Participating nonprofits include:

Seward Longfellow Restorative Justice Partnership

Juxtaposition Arts

St. Stephen’s Human Services

WellShare International

Buddhist Global Relief

Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy

“Once a year, Common Ground invites the wider community to gather around the joy of giving. We bring together great music, activities for children, delicious food and a chance for people to make connections with these wonderful organizations that will be on site,” Nunberg said. “If you want, you can have a conversation and get to know about the important work these nonprofits are doing to make this world a better place. It has been a real joy to be at this event the past two years.”

For more information, email festivalofgiving@commongroundmeditation.org or call Common Ground at 612-722-8260.

Limitless Minds: The Bright Side of Seward with Illuminous 3 – hip hop group Illuminous 3 and their album Montessori

Limitless Minds: The Bright Side of Seward with Illuminous 3
Maddy Edwards <maddyeds [@] gmail.com>

There are twenty-two “Welcome to Seward” signs outlining the very defined boundaries of the Seward neighborhood. To outsiders, Seward is classified by its diverse demographics, affinity for green gardens and eclectic characters. To an insider though, Seward is a mecca of history in South Minneapolis. A small town in the middle of a metropolis, the Seward neighborhood is literally at the heart of this city.

While it may be difficult to describe the unique nature of this place, it is certain that this space represents a state of mind. I recently sat down in one of Seward’s infamous duplexes to find out more about the mind state. Continue reading

Bedlam Theatre temporarily moving to Seward!

Sheldon posted this to the Seward Neighbors Forum where the discussion continues.

To SNG Neighborhood:

The Bedlam Theatre has just decided to temporarily re-locate into the Bystrom site (now called “Seward Commons” by Redesign).  It will be for the winter and it will include office space, rehearsal space and set construction space. No special permits are required.

As part of that move, Bedlam is planning a fall art festival–live outside events in the parking lot north of 24th Street between the LRT bike trail and Snelling and events in the warehouse space.  It would be 12 days over five weeks (Starting September 24). The events will mainly be on the weekends with a few during the weeks.  Events will include puppet workshops, music, spoken word, and other activities. 

This festival will need a number of special permits from the city (Temporary Assembly permits, Temporary Liquor Service Permits,  temporary noise permits).  They would like SNG support for these permits.  To make the process easier, they would like to be designated a Community Festival.  According to Cam Gordon, the easiest way to do this is to have SNG designate the fall event a Community Festival.  This doesn’t cause any liability issues or result in any other responsibilities for SNG. 

Bedlam needs official action  as soon as possible.  Since the SNG board meeting happens after the festival starts, this action will be taken up by the Executive Committee via email and/or phone this Thursday.

So, what does the community think?


Sheldon Mains
President, Seward Neighborhood Group

Bedlam’s permit proposal follows.

Continue reading

Seward Arts Festival starts October 1! Artist participation deadline is August 10


Greetings! ! Artists, culturati, Sewardites, gardeners, craftspeople, cooks, & everyone who loves them!

Here’s a link to the Participation form for the 2010 Seward Arts Festival! Please get your form filled out & turned in early if possible. The deadline is August 10

You can also check out the new Facebook community page. I’m going to update http://sewardarts.org in the next few days.

Thanks for your interest in the Seward Arts Festival.

 ~Erik Riese
Seward, MPLS!
A great place to live, work, learn, & play.
(612) 916-4102