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Seward Bike to work day ride from Birchwood on Thursday

Bob Hain sent this to the Forum. Birchwood will also have free muffins and coffee that morning from 7 to 9.

Join the Seward Bike-to-Work Convoy from the Birchwood Cafe to the Hennepin County Government Center on Thursday, June 10, 2010.

Starting at 7:00 a.m. (ending at 9:00 a.m.), Birchwood is offering free Peace coffee and a Birchwood muffin to those who are biking or walking to work that day.

The convoy, led this year by Bob Hain, will leave the Birchwood about 7:30 for the Hennepin County Government Center.

Join us for the start of what promises to be a record-attendance Bike-to-Work Day.

Nice Ride bike rental kiosks coming to Seward

Nice Ride is a new bike sharing program for the City of Minneapolis.  The program is set for a grand opening on June 10th and expects for install to begin next week. Learn more at:  http://www.niceridemn.com/  There will be three kiosks in Seward. Kiosks will then be removed November 1st for the winter season.

Redesign was contacted by Nice Ride staff, Dan Breva, five weeks ago and at staff's suggestion Dan attended the SCCA board meeting on Wed, May 5th. Staff and the SCCA also suggested that Dan meet with the Community Development Committee of SNG. At the SCCA meeting Dan shared information about the bike sharing program and the proposed locations for three kiosks in Seward: LRT, Seward Co-op, and Birchwood Cafe. [Editor: Looks like the LRT kiosk will be at the Blue Nile Restaurant? Saw an empty rack there over the weekend.] Dan took feedback from the SCCA Board and reached out to staff at the Co-op and the Birchwood Cafe.  However, Dan did not follow through on the suggestion to meet with SNG's development committee. Also, while there were four public meetings in Minneapolis the Nice Ride project, the do not appear to have been well promoted. (The closest public meeting to Seward was at the University of Minnesota.)

We think that the program is a positive addition to the community and promotes our goal of being a bike and pedestrian friendly neighborhood.  Although Nice Ride did not meet with SNG, we have decided not to oppose the installation of the kiosks in light of the short time frame and the June 10 kickoff. We have asked that Nice Ride attend the CDC meetings in June and again in September or October for feedback on the locations based on this pilot and to get approval for locations for 2011. They have not yet confirmed that they will be at the June 8 meeting.

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PS (From Sheldon) I have also sent this to Cam Gordon and the new Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Relations Department  as an example of how the city doesn't work with neighborhoods.