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Why I love Seward, Part 1

I’ve been thinking this week about why I love this neighborhood. It started on Monday, as I was making my usual return trip from dropping my son off at childcare – to and from Powderhorn Park via the Midtown Greenway (Reason #1).

I bike the same route to pick him up in the evening. Sometimes we ride to the playground and wading pool in Brackett Park (Reason #2) before going home.

Looking at the businesses along the Greenway, it’s amazing to think about how many businesses in Seward still make things (Reason #3), especially since the trend in the country is away from making things and toward services. I’m especially impressed by Dero http://www.dero.com/

Recently David Byrne, of the Talking Heads, wrote about their system for crediting employees for biking to work. http://journal.davidbyrne.com/2010/06/061910-report-from-the-heartland.html

I also just read an old but wonderful piece from Twin Cities Business about Orfield Labs (I always wondered about that building across 25th from Matthews Park). http://www.tcbmag.com/industriestrends/technology/104458p1.aspx

I’ve thought of many more reasons why I love Seward, but I’ll save them for future posts.


Civil War Kids: Young Somalis in Minnesota at Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ


Laura Yuen’s excellent report on the local Somali community is up at MPR. I’ve posted the audio below with links back to the MPR site where you can see the transcript. 

At the Braublog, David Brauer looks at Yuen’s process in reporting the story.

Part 1: Young men escape bloodshed in Somalia, but find violence in Minnesota | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

Part 2: The turmoil within: Somali families try to fit in, struggle to forget | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

Opinion piece on Seward at Star Tribune by local writer Patricia Cumbie

For a peaceable neighborhood, unfamiliar ground

Three East African immigrants were shot and killed at Seward Market near my house recently. Before that, I believe the people in my neighborhood felt immune from senseless violence, or even smug about the lack of criminal activity. 

Read the rest at the Star Tribune.

Thanks for the welcome.

Shelley sent this along. She is our first community poster to the Profile. Thanks, Shelley.

I love now having a ground level connection with my neighbors.  My partner and I and our kids have been in the neighborhood for collectively 6 years and have never been happier.  We are so grateful for all the time and energy spent by Seward residents to make this a fabulous place to live, bike, work, go to school, and play.  Once I am done with grad school I hope to set up my activity as well.