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Seward is Pilot for New Minneapolis Two-Sort Recyling Project

Seward’s NEW Recycling Project

by Mike Trdan

On March 29, 2011 a NEW type of recycling collection started in a Seward Neighborhood pilot area. Recycling participation now is more convenient for residents in the Seward Enhanced Recycling Pilot Area (see the map below) because a “Two-Sort” system makes recycling easier than under the City’s previous “multi-sort” collection method. In the pilot area residents now are able to sort recyclables into just TWO categories:

  • all paper fiber, and
  • all containers (metal cans, plastic bottles and glass containers and jars).

Residents in the pilot area also are eligible to receive NEW recycling containers to aid with the two-sort system. The Minneapolis Sanitation & Recycling Office will provide two or more recycling receptacles at no cost to residents. There are several choices but the Seward Neighborhood Group encourages residents to request the wheeled, 22 gallon recycling carts with lids as their preferred receptacle.

Residents who want the new containers should complete and return the selection card that the City mailed to residents the week of March 22, 2011. Pilot area residents who did not receive the card (or might have misplaced it) can obtain another by calling the office of Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling Services at 612-673-2917 or by contacting SNG co-president, Mike Trdan, at mnmichaelrecycle@gmail.com.

At present the City has no additional publicity planned for this project. For the Enhanced Recycling Pilot Project to succeed, the neighborhood’s help and involvement is needed. The Seward Neighborhood Group is attempting to establish a network of “Recycling Block Coordinators” to inform and educate neighbors about the project. Volunteer Block Coordinators would be asked for about 1/2 to 1 hour of time per month to promote recycling. Residents interested in helping as Block Coordinators should email Mike Trdan, at mnmichaelrecycle@gmail.com.


photo by Carol Greenwood

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Minneapolis recycling pilot will be in Seward! Goodbye sorting!

Sheldon Mains sent this along.

Seward Neighborhood residents will have a chance to sample a dual stream curbside recycling collection program with a $100,000 grant to gauge the effectiveness of gathering recyclable materials into only two categories.

Read the rest of this story at Finance and Commerce

Mike Trdan, Seward Neighborhood Group board member, is responsible for Seward’s involvement as the pilot area for Minneapolis.

Commercial Recycling Survey Available – help strengthen Minneapolis recycling regulations

From Councilmember Cam Gordon:

I am working on strengthening Minneapolis recycling regulations to increase recycling at business and commercial properties and reduce the amount of recyclable material going into the garbage burner and into landfills.  I have already strengthened the City’s multifamily dwelling recycling ordinance, and plan to use that as a model for a similar commercial recycling ordnance that would require recycling services to be provided at all commercial properties.  I have prepared a survey in conjunction with the greater Minneapolis area Chamber of Commerce, and they will be putting it before their members this summer.  I would appreciate it if members of the Seward business community would also participate.

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Resolution Honoring Mike Trdan for a Career in Recycling

On Friday, May 7, I had the pleasure of presenting a resolution to Seward’s own Mike Trdan. The City Council passed it unanimously.  It honored Mike for his long and successful career in recycling. I was delighted and proud to follow up on a constituents idea to honor Mike, whom I have known for years as a neighbor, Seward Neighborhood Group Board member and as a knowledgeable and skilled advisor and strategist, especially when in comes to waste management and recycling. Mike is someone who can actually get things done to help improve how we manage waste in Minneapolis. He is currenlty leafing the effort (working with the Seward Neighborhood Group as well as County and City staff) to apply for funds for a pilot project in Seward to test out a new dual-stream recycling program. I’m excited about partnering with him on this and on other environmental initiatives in the future. Continue reading