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6th Ward City Council Candidates Forum Tuesday, Oct. 22, 6 p.m.

If you are interested in hearing what the Candidates have to say consider attending the 6thWard City Council Candidates Forum. There are six candidates running: Abukar Abdi, SheikhAbdul, Abdi Addow, Mahamed Cali, Incumbent Robert Lilligren, Abdi Warsame. All Candidateshave been invited! After giving an introductory statement, each candidate will participate in aQ & A session . There will be a Somali & Oromo Interpreter! Light beverages will be provided!

Final #Minneapolis Redistricting Maps – Wards 1-6 – The Neighborhoods Lost

Ward 6 (with a chunk of Seward Neighborhood) looks like a gun pointed at St. Paul. Ward 2 holds the rest of Seward. Ward 6 is represented by Robert Lillegren. Ward 2 is represented by Cam Gordon.

Read Robin Garwood’s thoughtful analysis of the final result: “The Neighborhoods Don’t Matter” Map.

Find all the final maps at the City site.


Second Ward April 2011 E-Newsletter

News from Cam Gordon

Council Member, Second Ward

 April 2011


Urban Agriculture Policy Plan.  The Urban Agriculture Plan unanimously passed the City Council this morning.  I see this plan as a major step towards making Minneapolis a leader in the local food movement.  It recommends allowing people to grow food commercially in Minneapolis for the first time, along with a host of recommendations that will make it easier for residents to start community gardens and grow food in their own backyards.  I want to thank all of the community members who helped shape this plan, and who got engaged to make sure it made it through the Council process without major alterations. The plan will provide guidance for specific food-related land use, regulatory and zoning ordinance amendments that I hope to see in place by next year’s growing season. 

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