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Help support housing standards in Seward

Sally Holzapfel, Redesign Inc., sent this along. Help us come together as a community and block the proposed variance at the Zoning Board meeting.

Update: Chris Vrchota is the Minneapolis Planning contact for this. If you can’t attend the meeting, send Chris an email no later than 12pm Thursday July 1st at christopher.vrchota@ci.minneapolis.mn.us.

Hello All,
Some of you may already know about the proposed new construction of a single-family dwelling at 3008 26th St East, but for those of you who don’t, please read the attachment below, from Bernie Waibel of the Seward Neighborhood Group.
The lot in question is 30 feet wide, 10 feet more narrow than standard. The developers are applying for a variance to change the minimum dwelling width from 22 ft. to 16 ft., with the 3 bedrooms in the basement. The Seward Neighborhood Group and the Seward Redesign Staff oppose this variance.
If you support our decision to appeal the variance, please join us at the meeting with the Zoning board on Thursday, July 1st, 4:30 PM in 321 City Hall. The more people that attend, the more impact we can have.
If you have any questions, please contact Bernie Waibel or Sheldon Mains at SNG at 612-338-6205, or Katya Pilling at Redesign at 612-435-0276.
Thank you.